Cheeseburger 1955

Cheeseburger 1955

Vintage cookbooks are always a kick to look at.  The way eating habits change through the decades is interesting, and the types of food popular in different eras continually amaze me.  Some have remained popular since their creation, of course, such as the American staple the cheeseburger.  Claims to be ‘the first’ to invent this basic variation on the hamburger come from all over the United States, and date from the 1920s to the 1930s.  The trademark on the name, “cheeseburger,” was awarded in 1935 to Louis Ballast of the Humpty-Dumpty Drive-In, Denver, Colorado.

The picture of this delicious cheeseburger comes from a 1955 cookbook and is available on a variety of apparel and home accessories through our online stores at Cafepress and Zazzle.