unkie-monkie-studios-web-sq-logoFeaturing bits of vintage advertising images, off-kilter humor, words, and phrases, and a pop-art / pop-culture sensibility, Unkie Monkie Studios has been an online repository for all things retro for more than a decade.

Many years ago, my niece, at that time about seven years old, came up with the name “Unkie Monkey” for me out of the blue one day.  I loved it and kept it in the back of my mind planning to make use of it one day for a business venture of some kind.  When I first started dabbling in graphic design in 2006 and needed a name for my new business, I immediately thought of my niece’s name, and Unkie Monkie Studios was born.

I’ve always been a fan of old advertising styles; the graphics, fonts, colors and use of language to sell products to the masses is a window to the past.  Never meant to stand the test of time, advertising is of the moment, and therefore a snapshot of the moods and ideals, the time and place it is created.  It’s a peak into the lives of the people it was created for, and the world they inhabited.  I created Unkie Monkie Studios to share my love of these fleeting images, forgotten words, and products.